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Introduction to Foamed Cement Insulation Board

Introduction to Foamed Cement Insulation Board

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Introduction to Foamed Cement Insulation Board

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    Foamed cement insulation board is an innovative and high-performance inorganic heat preservation material, which is made from a variety of inorganic gelled material and modifying agent, foaming agent, and other additives by mixing system, curing system, cutting system and other equipment made of low thermal conductivity. The thermal insulation performance is good, high temperature resistant, aging resistant, A1 class non-combustible inorganic heat preservation material, cement foam insulation board can be widely used in building exterior wall thermal insulation system. Also known as foam concrete insulation board, inorganic fire insulation board.

Foamed cement insulation board is made of ordinary Portland cement, fly ash, foaming agent, admixture, etc., and is made of composite, stirring, foaming, cutting, and other light foaming insulation materials. The foam hole with a diameter of 1-3 mm is formed inside the concrete to make the concrete lighter and have thermal insulation properties.

1. Fireproof and heat insulation: Foamed cement insulation board is A1 grade non-combustible inorganic material, the fire endurance is more than 3 hours, and no toxic gas will be produced under high temperature or fire. Because of its closed-cell ratio of >95%, it has good thermal insulation properties.

2. Good thermal insulation performance: light volume, dry density of 180-250kg / m3; low thermal conductivity, less than 0.06w / MK; low water absorption, less than 8%; is an ideal insulation and insulation material.

3. High compressive strength and strong adhesion: foamed cement insulation board has high compressive strength, greater than 0.5Mpa; system material has good compatibility, and the bond strength with the wall is high; the plate dry shrinkage value is low, no Empty drum cracking; strong wind pressure resistance.

4. Sound insulation performance: Foam cement is a multi-closed hole material, so it is also a good sound insulation material, which can play a good sound insulation effect, reduce the influence of noise and improve the living environment.

5. Life with the building: the system has good stability, high resistance to carbonization, aging and frost resistance, excellent weather resistance, and the same life as the building. At present, the design life of buildings is 50-100 years, and the service life of organic materials is mostly 20-25 years. The secondary construction cost is large, the environmental pollution is large, and it brings inconvenience to people's production and life.

6. Simple construction and short cycle: special mortar is directly bonded, easy to operate, synchronous construction, and greatly shorten the construction period.

7. Energy-saving, environmental protection, and waste: Cement and fly ash are the main raw materials. It will not burn and produce toxic gases under high temperatures. It is non-radioactive and belongs to safety and environmental protection products. No harmful gas emissions, no minerals in production, construction, and use. The damage caused by the flying dust of cotton materials; after the building is scrapped and dismantled, the material can be refilled and utilized after being crushed, which will not pollute the environment and achieve sustainable production. At the same time, as a waste product, it is in line with the national energy conservation and emission reduction industrial policy.


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