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Introduction to Alkyd paint

Summary description:

Introduction to Alkyd paint

Summary description:


Alkyd paint, or oil-based paint, is  Alkyd-based high-polymer paint applied in applications that require a high gloss, durable finish. Alkyd paints are the most suitable choice for furniture, cabinetry, and trims. Alkyd paints provide a lustrous, heavy-duty finish that stands up well to dirt and stains. These paints are also easy to clean repeatedly without losing their color.


The makeup of Alkyd Paint

Though alkyd paints are known as oil-based paints, they actually do not contain any oil in the basic composition. Alkyd paints differ from latex-based paints in several aspects, including the thinner and binder used in the paint. The thinner improves the texture and flow of the paint so that it is easy to apply. In latex paints, the thinner is water, which evaporates once the paint has been applied onto a surface. In alkyd paints, the thinner is usually a chemical solvent such as spirits and alcohol.


Benefits of Alkyd Paint

Alkyd paints are durable and resistant to wear-and-tear. These paints are widely preferred for high traffic areas in a home such as hallways and playrooms for children. Also, these paints are resistant to humidity and moisture. As a result, they are good choices for kitchens, bathrooms, and also cabinets, and furniture. The lustrous finish is also resistant to stains. The paint can be wiped down for easy cleaning. Stains are not absorbed easily and discoloration does not set in. The paint retains a uniform sheen for a long time. Meanwhile, Alkyd paints have superior adherence and they stick to any surface. It can be used to provide a durable finish on unfinished wood. You can apply alkyd paint over an existing layer of latex paint, but you cannot apply latex paint over alkyd paint. This is because the smooth glossy surface provides minimal adherence.



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