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Introduction to Fiber Cement Siding

Introduction to Fiber Cement Siding

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Introduction to Fiber Cement Siding

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Fiber cement siding is a durable and low-maintenance material that is commonly used to cover the exterior of houses and, in some cases, commercial buildings. It's manufactured with cellulose fibers, along with cement and sand, making it long-lasting and durable.

Fiber cement board is available in plank format that is similar in dimension to vinyl siding, ranging in profiles from 4 to 11 inches. Fiber cement siding is also finished with a variety of textures. Wood grain patterns mimic traditional wood siding, while smooth planks or stucco textures look clean and modern. Fiber cement board is also made into sheets, which can be installed as an insulating underlayment for tile.


Fiber Cement Siding Advantages

One of the most desirable qualities of fiber cement board is that it is so durable. Unlike wood siding, fiberboard siding does not rot or require frequent repainting. It is fireproof, insect resistant, and performs well in natural disasters.

Impressively, some fiber cement board manufacturers offer warranties that last for up to 50 years, a testament to the material's longevity. Aside from being low-maintenance, fiber cement board is also energy efficient and, to a small degree, contributes to insulating your home.

Fiber Cement Versus Other Siding Types

Every form of siding has its strengths and weaknesses. Even when the most apparent positive attribute of a product is its economy, there are other features you may want to consider. Many of the strengths and liabilities of fiber cement have already been discussed. It's helpful, though, to put them into perspective with a comparison to other siding alternatives.


Wood siding (usually cedar) is the product many of the other siding types strive to imitate. It's resilient and forgiving to install, and, properly maintained, it can last for decades. But it does need proper and consistent maintenance, and wood is susceptible to fire, rot and insects. Quality wood siding is likely to be more expensive than fiber cement, but the cost of installation will be less.


Vinyl siding is a much better product than it once was, tougher and more resilient, but vinyl still tends to get increasingly brittle as it ages. Vinyl is lightweight and easy to put up, but it's subject to wind damage and will melt in a fire. It's an economical and attractive choice that requires little maintenance. Additionally, vinyl can be installed over a layer of insulation to counteract thermal bridging, the conductive heat loss through the wall studs. Fiber cement siding cannot prevent thermal bridging.


Metal siding, usually aluminum, won't burn or rot and doesn't offer anything of value to insects. Barring mishap, it's easy to maintain, but metal dents readily and repair is difficult. Aluminum siding is easy to install but it's a more expensive material than vinyl or fiber cement.

Stucco and Brick

Stucco and masonry share many of the attributes of fiber cement—they are equally resistant to fire, rot and insects—and stucco and masonry require less maintenance than fiber cement. On the other hand, both stucco and masonry require the skills of a specialist, making their cost per square foot appreciably higher.



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