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Investment-Gypsum Board Plant in the Philippines

Investment-Gypsum Board Plant in the Philippines

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Summary description:Introduction to investment on Gypsum Board Plant

Investment-Gypsum Board Plant in the Philippines

Summary description:Introduction to investment on Gypsum Board Plant

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-17 08:45
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        The gypsum board is a building material products made by the constructional gypsum as main raw material. It has the remarkable functions: such as lightweight/high-strength/easy-shaping/heat&sound isolation.

The gypsum boards have been widely used in residences/office buildings/shopping malls/resorts and industrial workshops as the ceilings/wall boards/cladding panels and decoration parts.


1. Types and functions of gypsum board 

  a. Fire-resistant gypsum board

Besides the excellent features of standard gypsum board, it has the following function, High fire-resistant performance: the fire-resistant fiber glass and special additives, with the stability when fire reaches 45 minutes, which is well beyond the requirement of national standard, guarantees the excellent fire-resistant performance. 

  b. Perforated Gypsum Board

Perforated Gypsum Board adopts special high-strength paper-faced gypsum board as basic material. Special intensifying materials are added into the core board to ensure the intensity. The raw board is made into perforated gypsum board through the processes of perforating, cutting, fiber film coating, which is the ideal product for the sound absorption of wall and ceiling. 
It is suitable for all the industrial and civil buildings with the requirements of adjusting the reverberation time, improving the indoor acoustic effect, and reducing the noise, such as cinemas, theaters, concert halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, multi-function rooms, home theaters, music rooms, studios, etc.

Remarkable effect on sound absorption: the perforated board can absorb the sound wave energy, and effectively adjust the indoor reverberation time through the combination of different apertures, dimension, perforation rate and cavity, especially for the low frequency sound wave.
High Strength: special formula and base materials to meet high-strength requirement.
Rich varieties: diverse holes and rich combinations to be chosen according to the sound absorption and decoration requirements.
Dry construction: short period, convenient construction, and high efficiency.
Easy decoration: simple finish procedures, and suitable for roller painting.



2. Planning gypsum board production line

    a. Introduction&reason: the The rapid development of commercial real estate projects and the huge demand for living housing in the Philippines

    b. Project capacity:the annually production yield of 20million square meter

    c. Project site: Batangas, Luzon,Philippine

    d. Investment amount: 8.5million USD(land included)

    e. Construction period: 12 months, the first year, proposing a 80% production coefficient to be realized in the first year, and 100% production coefficient from the third years and the coming consecutive years.

    f. Implementation: the COD will be 12 month,

    g. Raw materials: Desulfurized gypsum is the major by-product from thermal power plants in Batangas area, which can be used as the main component of the gypsum board.

    h. Return rate: proposing the production coefficient being 80% in the first year, and 100% in the coming second year, the investment is expected to make a 100% return on investment cost, and a general 70% return rate.



3. Investment advantages in the Philippines  

  a. The real estate market with a rapid development

  b. The huge improvement demand of interior decoration

  c. Abundant and stable-supplied raw materials in cheap price

  d. Favorable products market price

  e. Comprehensive sales channels





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