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Introduction to Thermal Insulation & Decoration Integrated Board

Introduction to Thermal Insulation & Decoration Integrated Board

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Introduction to Thermal Insulation & Decoration Integrated Board

Summary description:


        Thermal Insulation & Decoration Integrated Boards is an exterior wall material with both decorative and thermal insulative properties, it consists of a finishing layer, an insulation layer (usually rock wool, EPS, PU), and a fiber cement board backing. The board is joint by high-polymer adhesives in the core, and can be hanged and fixed with angle clips and expansion bolts in any buildings, making an integrated performance of thermal insulation while giving out excellent visual effects. 

       The finishing surface materials are usually considered as the key benchmark to determine the performance of the board, and with the development of the modern adhesion technology, more options are available for builders, who has fancy minds on the decoration and insulation requirements.


        According to the natures of stones coated on the finishing layer, the board can be classified into Natural Stone finishing, Clay Plate finishing, Ceramic Plate finishing and Stone-metal Surface finishing. Although the surface finishes are versatile, their properties are of much the same, generally can be classified as: 

  1. Thermal insulation and energy consumption

Compared with the convectional exterior wall materials, the integrated board has lower thermal conductivity, based on statistics from laboratories, the thermal conductivity of integrated insulation and decoration board is not higher than 0.03W/M.K, while the thermal conductivity of XPS extruded board and EPS polystyrene board are 0.039W/M.K and 0.048W/M.K, making the board an perfect insulation shield for buildings, and reduces the heat loss and energy consumption.

  1. Easy installation

The integrated board is made with rock wool or EPS making the board an light weight board with both insulation and decoration properties, builders will only need hang the boars on the angle clips and can finish both insulation and decoration operations.

The installation of the integrated board is simple, by using angle clips and expansion bolt, or called as anchoring system, and can hang the board on any kind of the building surface.

  1. Lightweight and crack resistant

   The integrated board is light in weight, its light weight not only increases the load capacity of the building itself, but also the impact of earthquakes to the building. As the board being fastened and fixed with an anchoring system, making the board of great integrity with anti-seismic and anti-cracking properties.

  1. Waterproof and moisture proof

With traditional exterior wall decoration materials generally suffer from deterioration of the substrate caused by permeable water and cold air, which cause problems such as water seepage into the interior wall. The integrated board and the compact installation between plates avoid the structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet circulation. The integrated helps to improve the life of the entire exterior wall system by reducing the water seepage and deformation into the building, which helps to prolong the service life of the building.

  1. Flame retardant

The exterior wall insulation and decoration board has been specially treated to have good fire retardant performance, the surface coated materials are 100% fire resistance, while the insulation layer is filled with rock wool, which is rated as the G-1 fire resistance material in the insulation industry.

Wide applications

The integrated board can be widely used in many construction, such as high rise buildings, apartment/villa residences, office halls, garden attractions, and etc. The building material is suitable for newly built masonry structures,prefabricated steel structures, light-weight structures, as well as for decorative energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. 








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