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Thermal Insulation & Finishing Integrated Panel

Thermal Insulation & Finishing Integrated Panel



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  • Thermal bridges in exterior walls, doors, roofs, floors and installations of buildings transfer heat from exterior environment and cause loss of a very significant portion of the energy we spend. Thermal insulation eliminates these thermal bridges, reduces the energy we spend to create comfortable spaces, and provides savings in our energy expenses.


    Achieving energy saving above 50%, thermal insulation also prolongs the life and increases the value of buildings. Thermal insulation is an application that should definitely be realized to lead a healthy life, take measures against global warming by reducing the consumption of natural resources, create a health environment and protect national economy.



    Thermal Insulation & Finishing Integrated Panel is a type of external cladding in which insulation boards are fixed to an outside underlying wall with adhesive, anchors, rails, or a combination of adhesives and mechanical fixings. Reinforced render is applied directly onto the insulation.

    This insulation method has many advantages especially in connection with the rehabilitation of older brickwork and concrete walls where it is possible to keep to a rendered façade while achieving substantial added comfort and considerable energy savings. Furthermore, it may solve problems associated with thermal bridges and the repair of defects in older render layers. Façade systems with Thermal Insulation & Finishing Integrated Panel can also be used in new building construction.







    Cross-section of the Panel






    Advantages of the Panel



    Energy-saving: The energy consumption of heating and cooling will be reduced with Thermal Insulation & Finishing Integrated Panel, which can save energy by more than 75%.


    Easy installation: Installing the Panel is simple and fast, not restricted by the seasonal climate and geographical environment. The Panel has a long life span which is no less than that of the building.


    Lightweight: The lightweight of the Panel gives it great seismic resistance. With its high strength comes good impact resistance.


    Fire & moisture-proof: A variety of core materials are available, and some of the materials have A1 fireproof grade. The high system stability prevents possible structural damages caused by bad weather to the structure of the Panel.


    Acoustic insulation: You can choose core materials with good sound insulation performance, and the sound insulation capacity can be increased by 4-6db.


    Self-cleaning: The Panel has great self-cleaning performance, which can save lots of the annual cleaning cost.



    Environment-friendly: 100% recyclable. The chemical and physical structure is stable and the Panel will not decompose or mildew. Zero radiation and pollution.


    Aesthetically versatile: Various finishing schemes are available. Be it stone patterns, metallic luster or relief sculpture, the Panel can go with the style you want.


    Wide range of uses: The Panel can be applied to municipal buildings, apartment houses, villas, landscape architecture, scenic spots, old building renovation and many more.


    High cost-effectiveness: The overall cost of applying the Panel is only 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost using the aluminum plate and 1/2 to 1/3 using the marble thermal insulation system.





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