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Heat&Sound Insulating Centrifuged Glasswool

Heat&Sound Insulating Centrifuged Glasswool



  • Description

    What are Glasswool products


    Glasswool products are heat-insulating and sound-absorbing materials manufactured in the form of plates, felts, tubes, etc., by mixing very fine glass fibers with a certain amount of binder after curing and forming. Centrifuged glasswool products are widely used in steel structure buildings, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, industrial fields (power plants, chemical plants, heating pipes, etc.), and thermal and sound insulation system of public and civil buildings. 






    How does glasswool work


    The glasswool product contains a substantial amount of extremely thin glass fibers, whose total surface area is very huge, providing great resistance to airflow. Air can hardly flow in it and therefore loses the ability of heat transfer by convection. Still air preserves heat very well, so the product shows excellent thermal insulation performance.

    The sound is transmitted through the vibration of the air, and the open-pore structure on the surface of the glass wool product allows most of the sound to enter the glass wool product, but then the huge airflow resistance quickly attenuates air vibration, converting the sound energy from mechanical energy to heat energy to be absorbed. The glass wool product thus exhibits good sound absorption performance.






    The manufacturing process of glasswool








    Parameters of glasswool products







    Overlay face materials


    The purpose of using the overlay face material is to prevent the condensation of water vapor entering the glasswool and improve the insulation performance of the glasswool; the roof lining board could also be spared this way, reducing the project cost. For general industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets, etc., overlay face material selection can be made based on experience. Generally, you can choose a laminated aluminum foil overlay. For single-layer board roofing, polypropylene plastic overlay should be used.







    Construction tips


    For roofing

    ☆ When laying glasswool roll felt, the overlay faces the indoor side and is perpendicular to the purlin. Leave an extra 20 cm roll felt at one eave, and fix it on the outermost purlin with a special clamp or double-sided tape;
    ☆ When unwinding, ensure alignment and tension. Lay the glass wool felt on the other side of the eaves. Also, leave an extra 20 cm of felt, and fix it on the outermost purlin with a special clamp or double-sided tape;
    ☆ The two rolls of glasswool could be connected together by using a stapler on the overlay edge;
    ☆ Install the roof color steel plate, remove the special fixtures at the eaves on both sides, and use the reserved 20 cm overlay to seal the glasswool;
    ☆ Pay attention to maintaining the tension and alignment of the glasswool roll felt, and the joints between two rolls are tight. When longitudinal laps are needed, the lap joints should be arranged at the purlin;
    ☆ Some hard insula
    tion materials can be added to the purlins to prevent cold bridges.





    For walls

    ☆ With the overlay facing the indoor side, unwind from the eaves to the foot of the wall, and fix the glasswool felt on the bottom purlin with double-sided tape, leaving an extra 20 cm;
    ☆ Cut off the glasswool felt 20 cm above the wall top purlin and fix it with double-sided tape;
    ☆ Seal the glasswool edge and install the wall color steel plate;
    ☆ The two rolls of glasswool could be connected together by using a stapler on the overlay edge;
    ☆ Pay attention to keeping the tension, alignment, and verticality of the glasswool roll felt, and the seams between rolls are tight.







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