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The 48m² Philippines Townhouse

The 48m² Philippines Townhouse

Build Tech 菲律宾联排效果图

Build Tech 菲律宾联排效果图

  • Description
  • The 48m² Philippines Townhouse self-developed by BuildTech Corporation is a low-to-mid end prefabricated townhouse product optimized for the Philippine customers



    Features of our prefabricated townhouse products


     1. Main structure: Q235 galvanized square tube steel structure system is adopted for beams and columns of main structure.

     2. Maintenance system: A3.5B05 grade AAC Panel is used for external wall of maintenance system.

     3. System-based Advantage: A single house, with unified component specification, modularized design, standardized connector, heat insulation and sound insulation, low cost and fast construction, will be completed in about 7 days with about 4-5 skilled workers.


    Cross-section of the townhouse



    Model renderings



    For details, please click: → Panoramic display of 48㎡ Philippines Townhouses





    Lists of building materials (Basic Type)


    Note: all of the above building materials are basic standard configuration, which can be changed, added or deleted. Buildtech can match the most cost-effective building materials according to the needs of customers.



    Purchasing Procedure


    Step 1: Project Evaluation and Requirement
           -Customers provide specific project requirements.
           -Designers evaluate and produce design drawings.


    Step 2: Provide Quotation
           -Business team match building materials list.
           -Provide quotations.


    Step 3: Sign Contract
           -Confirm drawings, list of materials and quotations.
           -Sign purchasing contracts.




    Q: What's the material specification?

    A: BuildTech system houses are mainly prefabricated using Steel structures & AAC Panels. The other materials could be offered as per requirements of the clients. For more information, please visit our website:


    Q: What's your terms of payment?

    A: 40% advance payment (T/T) within 7 days after signing the contract, all materials will be prepared in 5-6 weeks upon receiving the deposit. The rest of the payment could be made through T/T or L/C.


    Q: How do you send it to me?

    A: All materials will be properly packed and loaded into containers. We are in long-term cooperation with professional and experienced international logistic partners to ensure the in-time delivery of your goods.


    Q: How to assemble the houses onsite?

    A: All our materials are prefabricated parts, which have been finely designed and accurately manufactured. Therefore construction workers can easily learn how to install, we can also send our engineers to the site to guide the installation if necessary.



    For further information or cooperation, please feel free to contact us.

    Tel: 010-88082306; 010-88082322





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