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Aluminum Alloy Roof Plate

Aluminum Alloy Roof Plate



  • Description
  • Al-Mg-Mn Roof Plate is a very cost-effective roofing material. With the many advantages such as corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, and easy processing and forming, it is widely used in almost all kinds of buildings, especially in large buildings with steel structures. In steel structure civil buildings, it can effectively reduce the weight of the roof, while improving the strength of the roof and convenience of installation.


    The steel structure residential villas independently designed and developed by the National Building Materials Exhibition and Trade Center use Al-Mg-Mn Plate as roof materials.







    With fire prevention, moisture resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, a high degree of integration and convenient installation, Aluminum alloy roof system is the care-free choice for the house roof.




    Aluminium alloy roofs have a significant advantage over alternatives in that they last …and last. The intrinsic anti-corrosion properties of aluminium ensure a superior lifespan, which means that for optimal lifecycle cost.


    Advantages of Aluminium alloy include:


    • Lightweight and Strong:  Aluminium is 1/3 the density of steel–a great structural material.
    • Corrosion Resistant:  Naturally generates a protective oxide coating.
    • Recyclable:   100% recyclable meaning only 5% of the energy requiring to create it.
    • Safe:  No hazard to occupants or the surrounding environment.
    • Reflective:  Good reflector of visible light and heat. Ideal shield against sunlight and for saving energy.




    The aluminum alloy sheets are rollformed with specific edges that line up with each other. Once the two panels are engaged, a hand or mechanical seamer is used to bend the edges and lock the panels together. There are two different versions of mechanical seams: Single lock 90-degree seams and double lock 180-degree seams. 



    Single Lock 


    • While single lock profiles won’t perform as well as a double lock, single lock still performs well in milder environments. Again, check to make sure the engineering allows a single lock to be used.
    • Single locked systems require less labor, and it’s easier to replace a damaged panel than double lock profiles.


    Double Lock


    • Double lock systems are suitable for low-slope applications needing extra weather-tightness.
    • Double lock panels perform better; plus, there is less of a chance for panels to come unseamed.
    • For properties in cold weather areas with freezing and thawing, double lock systems are good choices. As snow/ice freezes and thaws, it also expands and contracts, which could potentially disengage a snap-lock profile.
    • Double lock panels are more labor-intensive to replace.
    • When possible, you should use an expansion clip with a mechanical lock profile.



    In the steel structure system independently developed by the National Building Materials Exhibition and Trade Center, Aluminum Alloy Roof Plate are usually applied for mid-to-high end products, and related product components can be flexibly adjusted according to the different requirements of customers.




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