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BuildTech online is the official platform of CBME (China National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Center) for its international business. For 64 years, CBME has been serving China's thriving building material industry to create solutions that lead, support, and empower.


Now, as the executive body of China Building Materials Alliance for Global Production Capacity  cooperation, authorized by National Development and Reform Commission of China, we have taken on the new role to lead China's most capable construction material manufactures abroad.

What we do


Our business scope spans from investment to trade to intellectual property service. covering the whole industry chain.


We invest in and develop industrial parks, factories, and warehouses, through direct investment, PPP or other modes. Our various industrial parks in and out of China are supported by our subordinate associations and member companies.


We are committed to leading China's prefabricated residential building industry. With our own indigenous intellectual property at its core, bespoke design service and best-suited materials, our BTS system provides customers with complete sets of prefabricated steel structure residential houses that is ideal for a home.


We are the gate for materials to get in and out of China. We provide one-stop shopping service for building material and power facility products through our local warehouses and international trade. We also invite good materials, technologies and corporations into China's market and help them settle down by providing investment, consulting, dealing with localization process, legal services and introducing government and industry resources.


Main Businesses

independent R&D and design of international prefabricated housing systems and exports; international bulk import and export trade; international production capacity cooperation fund and overseas investment, park construction; international certification and testing services.


Service Tenet

BuildTech Online not only participates in international production capacity cooperation itself, but also actively leads more high-quality building materials and Chinese power companies to enter the international market, and integrates with the international market with diversified cooperation models.


Why BuildTech


· We are connected to 30,000+ Chinese companies in construction material industry.


· Our research and design ability are shown in our inventions protected by patent laws at home and abroad. 


· Our affiliated research and design institutes are experienced and well-renowned across the country,


· With 37 national associations in construction material industry at our back, our 9 testing labs, all up to international standard, provide professional certification service for 15+ sets of standards of different countries and international organizations.


· We run international investment project of industrial parks development, up to 200 million dollars.

company profile


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