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In the comprehensive import and export trade service, BuildTech Online relies on the China Building Materials Federation, closely focuses on building products, creating its own advantageous resources and core competitiveness, and striving to build an integrated trade solution with prefabricated residential construction and solutions as the main products. We also exports large quantities of building materials, mechanical and electrical products, new energy equipment and other products by grafting the advantages of members of the Federation.


By combining their own advantages and developing unique solutions for customers, we can provide the following services:


  Joint marketing


  Credit guarantee service


  Supply chain financial service


  Logistics and customs clearance service


  Speed-up service for export tax rebate


  Foreign exchange settlement and risk control services

At present, the business mainly covers many countries in the Asia Pacific region, with landing companies and exhibition halls. The business scope covers prefabricated residential construction, building materials, power equipment and other fields, including export, import, transit, barter and other business forms.

Buildtech online, through building a unique cooperation mechanism with domestic and foreign government agencies, financial institutions, logistics companies, etc., provides a package of integrated service solutions for cross-border trade of Chinese enterprises, including business, customs clearance, logistics, overseas warehouse, supply chain financing, settlement, tax, overseas supporting, etc. involved in contract signing and execution. BuildTech Online takes the "Internet + engineering trade" as an opportunity to create a platform for trade service with Chinese characteristics to drive Chinese enterprises and China to "go out" and to bring high-quality foreign resources into China to form a two-way, benign international trade transaction and integrated service platform.


Introduction to advantage projects:

I.Electric power fittings

Electric power fittings are metal accessories that connect and combine all kinds of devices in the electric power system, and play a role of transmitting mechanical load, electrical load and some protection.

Classification of electric power fittings:

1.Suspension clamps

they are used to fix the conductor on the insulator string of the linear tower, or hang the lightning conductor on the linear tower, or it can also be used to support the fixing of transposed conductor and tension angle tower jumper on the transposed tower.

2.Strain clamps

they are used for corner, connection and terminal connection. Spiral aluminum clad steel wire has a very strong tensile strength without concentrated stress, and plays a role of protection and auxiliary vibration reduction for optical cable. The grip strength of the clamp is not less than 95% of the rated tensile strength of the optical cable, which is convenient and fast for installation, reducing the construction cost. It is applicable to ADSS optical cable lines with span ≤ 100m and line angle < 25 °.

3. Coupling fittings

they are used to connect insulators into strings and the connection among fittings with mechanical load. It is used to assemble suspension insulators into strings and hang them on the pole of the tower, and to connect the suspension clamps and tension clamps to the insulator string; the cable fittings are used to connect with towers.

4. Connection fittings

refers to the fittings used for the connection between two wires and can meet the mechanical and electrical performance requirements of the wire. The overhead lines of the transmission lines need to be connected with connecting fittings.

5. Protective fittings

they are used to protect electrical or mechanical properties of various electrical devices or fittings themselves.

6.Cable fittings

they are for connecting, fixing and adjusting the cable from the tower to the ground anchor. The materials are galvanized steel stranded wire, and the wire fittings include wedge-shaped wire clamps, UT-type wire clamps, and double-wire joint plates.

7. Contact fittings

they are used for connecting among wires or terminals of electrical equipment, with the main purpose of transferring electrical loads.

8. Equipment clamps

they are used to connect the bus down conductor to the outlet terminals of electrical equipment (such as transformers, circuit breakers, transformers, disconnectors, wall bushings, etc.)

II.Power Medium and High Voltage Equipment

It is mainly used for the control and protection of power system (including power plants, substations, transmission and distribution lines, industrial and mining enterprises and other users). It can not only put some power equipment or lines into or out of operation according to the needs of power grid operation, but also quickly cut off the fault part from the power grid in case of power equipment or line failure, so as to ensure the normal operation and design of the fault free part in the power grid safety of standby and operation maintenance personnel.

1.Oil immersed power transformer

this kind of product is suitable for AC 50 (60) Hz. Three-phase maximum rated capacity is 2500kVA (single-phase maximum rated capacity is 833kva, generally it is not recommended to use single-phase transformer). It can be used indoors (outside). it can be installed on the pole when the capacity is 315KVA and below. The ambient temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than - 25 ℃; the maximum daily average temperature is 30 ℃; the maximum annual average temperature is 20 ℃; the relative humidity is not more than 90% (ambient temperature is 25 ℃), and the altitude is not more than 1000m.

2.Distribution transformer

it refers to a type of static electrical appliance used in the distribution system to transform AC voltage and current according to the law of electromagnetic induction to transmit AC energy. Chinese transformer products can be generally divided into UHV (750KV and above), UHV (500KV) transformers, 220-110KV transformers, 35KV and below transformers according to the voltage level. Distribution transformers usually refer to power transformers running in the distribution network with voltage levels of 10-35KV and capacity of 6300KVA and below to directly supply power to end users.

3. Dry-type transformers

it is widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, wharf CNC machinery and other places. In short, dry-type transformers refer to those whose core and windings are not immersed in insulating oil.

4. Isolating switch

it is mainly used for "isolating power supply, switching operation, connecting and cutting off small current circuit" without arc extinguishing function.

5.Lightning arrester

it is an electrical appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage when lightning strikes, and to limit the duration of continuous current, and often limit the amplitude of continuous current. Arresters are sometimes called over-voltage protectors, over-voltage limiters.

III.Transformer tower

1. Steel tube tower

it refers to steel tube structure, mounting hardware and insulators, also known as four-tube tower.

2. Angle steel tower

it is connected with angle steel, connecting plate structure and bolts.

3. Steel pipe

it is multi diamond single tube structure, the connection method is flange or plug-in types.


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