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Investment Introduction


Investment Introduction

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        As the implementation unit of " Enterprises Alliance of China Building Materials on International Capacity Cooperation ", CBME has been committing itself to promote the bulk building materials components involved in the prefabricated residential building system, such as steel structures, aerated concrete factories and other parts and components in the form of landing warehouse. CBME boosts its service with abundant capital support, it has established a special “Belt and Road” fund with diverse investment scopes and forms. CBME is committed to working with partners in the overseas, and to explore the advantages of raw materials and set up building materials exhibition base and warehouse in targeted countries.

        CBME will always acting as the pioneer in promoting overseas investment for China Building Materials Federation, shouldering the transformation and upgrading of international business, it has been undertaking the important missions of leading various business sectors to join the "going global" strategy and promoting overseas investment and industrial trade.

As the implementation unit of " Enterprises Alliance of China Building Materials on International Capacity Cooperation ", CBME has always been following investment-oriented principle and promote the development of international trade. So far, CBME has become an important platform and medium for China Building Materials Federation in the industrys structure adjustment, industry transformation and upgrading, as well as in its endeavor to promote international trade as the priority.

        Throughout its field operations, CBME has also probed a development model that integrates government resources matchmaking, investment and financing, project construction, project operation, marketing and sales, and has effectively promoted the optimization and industrial upgrading of China's building materials industry. Benefited from those operations, CBME has transformed its role from industrial-chain-oriented into industrial-value-chain-oriented.

Cooperation Idea


Mutual Benefits


We take advantges of respective advantages from ours and partners',  and make multual interests with win-win benefits.

Sustainable Green



We advocate environmental-friendly and with efficient and clean energy consumption, and realize sustainable development.


Sharing with



We always follow legal rules and respect cultural traditions and customs, and share our outcomes


Business Oriented



We bring enmterprises into the market and set us with market-oriented development target


CBME promotes enterprises as the major player with its business-oriented principle, and CBME will always guarantee enterprises' right to make independent decisions in accordance with business principles.


Project Development Phase

CBME focuses on absorption, land, environmental impact assessment, return rate, and agreement.

Project Financing phase

CBME focus on development, quality, safety, cost, and environmental protection.


Project Operation Phase

CBME focuses on development, quality, safety, cost, and environmental protection.

Project Operation Phase

CBME focuses on sales, marketing, legality, outcomes, and responsibility.


Service Mode

One-stop & Dual Service

    CBME will always make expedient use of supports endorsed by national credit guarantee and national policy finance and organize membership enterprises to relocate production capacity and upgrade industrial transformation to countries alongside China's 'Belt and Road' Initiative, so as to build up fully functional building materials projects with intensive and green characteristics. On the one hand, CBME will, from time to time, to recommend and submit Cooperative Projects on Production Capacity to the National Development and Reform Commission, and promote the submitted projects to be listed onto the state government's International Cooperation on Production Capacity, so as to obtain governmental support and momentum. On the other hand, under the market-oriented principle, CBME will make good use of advantages of membership enterprises within the industry alliance, and carry out joint investigations on project demonstration, so that the investment and project can be landed. 



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