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Power Medium and High Voltage Equipment


Power Medium and High Voltage Equipment


It is mainly used for the control and protection of power system (including power plants, substations, transmission and distribution lines, industrial and mining enterprises and other users). It can not only put some power equipment or lines into or out of operation according to the needs of power grid operation, but also quickly cut off the fault part from the power grid in case of power equipment or line failure, so as to ensure the normal operation and design of the fault free part in the power grid safety of standby and operation maintenance personnel.

1. Oil immersed power transformer -- this kind of product is suitable for AC 50 (60) Hz. Three-phase maximum rated capacity is 2500kVA (single-phase maximum rated capacity is 833kva, generally it is not recommended to use single-phase transformer). It can be used indoors (outside). it can be installed on the pole when the capacity is 315KVA and below. The ambient temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than - 25 ℃; the maximum daily average temperature is 30 ℃; the maximum annual average temperature is 20 ℃; the relative humidity is not more than 90% (ambient temperature is 25 ℃), and the altitude is not more than 1000m.

2.Distribution transformer--it refers to a type of static electrical appliance used in the distribution system to transform AC voltage and current according to the law of electromagnetic induction to transmit AC energy. Chinese transformer products can be generally divided into UHV (750KV and above), UHV (500KV) transformers, 220-110KV transformers, 35KV and below transformers according to the voltage level. Distribution transformers usually refer to power transformers running in the distribution network with voltage levels of 10-35KV and capacity of 6300KVA and below to directly supply power to end users.

3. Dry-type transformers-- it is widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, wharf CNC machinery and other places. In short, dry-type transformers refer to those whose core and windings are not immersed in insulating oil.

4. Isolating switch -- it is mainly used for "isolating power supply, switching operation, connecting and cutting off small current circuit" without arc extinguishing function.

5.Lightning arrester -- it is an electrical appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage when lightning strikes, and to limit the duration of continuous current, and often limit the amplitude of continuous current. Arresters are sometimes called over-voltage protectors, over-voltage limiters.

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