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ntroduction to export advantageous product categories --Electric power fittings

ntroduction to export advantageous product categories --Electric power fittings

Summary description:

ntroduction to export advantageous product categories --Electric power fittings

Summary description:


Electric power hardware is a kind of metal accessory that connects and combines all kinds of devices in the electric power system, and plays a role of transmitting mechanical load, electrical load and some kind of protection. As the first dominant category exported by our company, electric power fittings are exported to many countries in Central Asia, with convenient trade forms, stable and excellent product quality and high market competitiveness.


1. Suspension clamp - it is used to fix the conductor on the insulator string of the straight pole tower, or hang the lightning conductor on the straight pole tower, or it can also be used to support the fixing of transposition conductor and tension angle pole tower jumper on the transposition pole tower.

2. Strain clamp - it is used for corner, connection and terminal connection. Spiral aluminum clad steel wire has very strong tensile strength and no concentrated stress, which plays a role of protection and auxiliary vibration reduction for optical cable. The grip strength of the clamp is not less than 95% of the rated tensile strength of the optical cable, which is convenient and fast for installation and reduces the construction cost. It is applicable to ADSS optical cable lines with span ≤ 100m and line angle < 25 °.

3. Connecting hardware - it is the hardware used to connect the insulator into a string and the connection between the hardware and the hardware to bear the mechanical load. It is used to assemble the suspension insulator into strings and hang it on the cross arm of the tower, to connect the suspension clamp and strain clamp with the insulator string. Stay wire fittings are used for connection with poles and towers.

4. Connecting hardware refers to those used for connecting two wires and meeting the mechanical and electrical performance requirements of wires. The overhead lines of transmission lines need to be connected with connecting hardware.

5. Protective fittings - it is used to protect electrical or mechanical properties of various electrical devices or fittings.

6. Stay wire fittings - it is the fittings for connecting, fixing and adjusting stay wire from tower to ground anchor. The stay wire material is galvanized steel strand, and the stay wire fittings include wedge clamp, ut clamp, joint plate for double stay wire and other fittings.

7. Contact  fittings - it is the  fittings used for connecting wires or terminals of electrical equipment to transfer electrical load.


8. Equipment clamps—it is are used to connect the bus down conductors to the outlet terminals of electrical equipment (such as transformers, circuit breakers, transformers, disconnectors, wall bushings, etc.).


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