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Introduction to Mineral Wool Acoustic Panel

Introduction to Mineral Wool Acoustic Panel

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Introduction to Mineral Wool Acoustic Panel

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    Mineral Wool Acoustic Panel is made from mineral wool, calcium powder, lithopone powder, thickener, dispersant, starch, bone glue, paraffin, and other auxiliary materials, by high pressure steaming treatment, the material can be cut into customized size and shapes. The sound-absorbing material can meet various requirements with its superior fire resistance, heat insulation performance, and can meet the processing of various exquisite surface treatment, making it with superior decorative performance. Mineral wool is harmless to the human body, and waste mineral wool sound-absorbing panels can be recycled as raw materials for recycling. Therefore, the mineral wool acoustic panel is a healthy, environmentally friendly, and recyclable green building material.


The mineral wool acoustic panel has the properties of sound absorption, non-combustibility, heat insulation, and decoration, and can widely be used in hotels, cinemas, office buildings, shopping centers, airports, stations, factories, hospitals, home decoration, and other public buildings. The mineral wool acoustic panel has excellent sound absorption performance and can improve sound quality while reducing noise, and its good non-combustibility can meet the fire protection design requirements of buildings. The characteristics of mineral wool sound-absorbing panels include:
1.Excellent decoration effect. The panel can be made with colorful flat roller patterns and three-dimensional shapes, which are both classical and fashionable.
2. Good heat insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of the mineral wool panel is relatively low, and it is a good thermal insulation material, which can keep the indoor temperature in different seasons and save energy consumption.
3. Sound absorption and noise reduction. The main raw material of the panel is ultra-fine mineral wool fiber with a density of 200-450Kg/m. Therefore, it has abundant penetrating micropores, which can effectively absorb sound waves and reduce sound wave reflection, thereby improving indoor sound quality and reducing noise.
4. Fire resistance. Due to the inorganic material feature of the panel, which makes the panel with excellent non-combustibility, the panel is ranked as B1 in the flame-retardant test.
5. Environmental protection and air conditioning. The material does not contain harmful substances and its microporous structure can absorb and release water molecules, and helps to it can purify the air and adjust the indoor air humidity.
6. Moisture-proof and insulation. The mineral wool acoustic panel contains a large number of micropores and the specific surface area is relatively large, it can absorb and release water molecules in the air and adjust the indoor air humidity. 
7. Simple cutting and easy decoration. The mineral wool acoustic panel can be sawed, nailed, planed, and bonded, and can be cut with a wallpaper blade while making no noise, and it works with a variety of hoisting methods such as flat sticking, insert sticking, exposed frame, and hidden frame, which can combine decorative effects of different artistic styles. Home users can decorate with the DIY method.
The current decoration materials adopt the mineral wool acoustic panel as ceiling decoration materials, and as the development of a new trend in the market, the requirements for decoration materials will become more and more diversified. Users may not only require mineral wool panels to have various patterns to realize various decorations, they may also expect the panels to undertake more functional performances, such as antibacterial and anti-mildew, air humidity regulating, harmful gases absorption, and fragrance distribution. Therefore, the multi-functional features of the mineral wool acoustic panels will be a possible trend in the coming time.


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