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Introduction to Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Introduction to Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Summary description:

Introduction to Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Summary description:


The ROCK WOOL SANDWICH PANEL consists of top and bottom PPGI, Zinc, Aluminum sheet, with high density basalt wool as core insulation. Due to the excellent performance fire resistance and acoustic insulation, rock wool sandwich panels are commonly adopted for fire-resistance and soundproof buildings.

The excellent performance of rock wool insulation are commonly adopted for fire-resistance and noise reduction in buildings. Sandwich panels are widely used in commercial and industrial steel building construction for external walls, roofs, and ceiling panels. As the product is prefabricated in the factory, rock wool sandwich panels have been widely used in various construction projects.

The rock wool sandwich panel are applied as external walls and internal division walls, installed vertically or horizontally on single- or multi-span structure.


Advantages of rock wool sandwich panel:

1. Sound Insulation

The unique non-directional structure of Rock wool sandwich panel is denser than traditional insulation products, which translates into better sound and noise absorption. The material helps to minimize airflow, which contributes to the reduction of sound transmission and propagation of noise through the panel.

2. Fire Resistance

The Rock wool sandwich panel product is non-combustible, and it can withstand very high temperatures of more than 1000º C, which helps in reducing fire propagation. The heat transmission coefficient remains constant, which maintains the stability of the core material – it does not stretch, shrink or deform when exposed to fire.

3. Water and Chemical Resistance

The Rock wool sandwich panel is unaffected by water and moisture. Although water repellent, the structure is vapour permeable, with an inherent drying capability and high resistance to chemicals.

Being chemically neutral, stone wool does not cause or promote corrosion. Its inorganic nature makes the core structure completely resistant to rot, mildew, mould, microorganisms and bacterial growth, thus contributing to a safer indoor environment.

The high insulating value, high heat accumulation capacity and chemical resistance makes the Rock wool sandwich panel an excellent structural core for factory engineered flat and profiled sandwich panels suitable for outdoor and indoors situations.



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