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Steel structure mosaic green energy-saving building system

Steel structure mosaic green energy-saving building system



  • Description

    Steel structure mosaic green energy-saving building system, or BuildTech System (BTS), is developed and matured by the National Building Materials Exhibition and Trade Center after practical application and continuous improvement of multiple projects.

    Industry-leading in node innovation, practicality and compatibility, BTS has the advantages of great resistance against cracks and cold bridges, high safety and stability, low cost and great sound insulation. Customers will be provided with a complete set of technical solutions for prefabricated steel structure residential system.

    BTS mainly aims at the civil buildings with three floors and below, such as townhouses, rural villas, etc.







    Spiral pile foundation   Independent foundation

    Cost only 1/3 of the traditional concrete foundation;

    Ecological and environment-protecting;

    No need to damage the surrounding environment, no mud pollution, slag transportation, and construction dust.


    The prefabricated independent foundation is used in areas where the transportation cost is not high, the installation is fast and the quality is controllable;

    On-site pouring is used in areas where the transportation cost is high, and the steel plate template positioning attachment is used to more easily and quickly bind the steel bars and ensure quality.




    System Structure

       Independent intellectual property connection node

       Sleeve / liner joints; all bolted; rigid joint; stronger bearing capacity.

       Standardized and modular components

       The component specifications are uniformly classified

       convenient for batch processing and transportation; all connectors are standard.

      More economical and faster

       All rectangular tube structure brings better stability;

       Less steel is needed to support each other with embedded walls;

       Standard prefabricated node construction is convenient and fast.




    Maintenance System

    The maintenance structure is mainly composed of AAC slab embedded in it. According to the performance requirements, it is equipped with external insulation decoration integrated slab and internal decoration slab.

    The three-layer wall method of the BTS system is as follows: embedded substrate slab---external insulation and decoration integrated slab---gypsum slab or calcium silicate slab on the inner side. BTS's three-slab system can adapt to different temperature climate zones through different combinations of wall components.





    Mature technology + informatization management

    = controllable construction cost

    Not only is BTS a smart system, but also one great in quality and economical in cost. Choosing BTS, you will have:

    • - Reduction in steel consumption and cost;
    • - The structural system that has a long service life and strong seismic and wind resistance;
    • - Convenient, simple, fast and less requiring construction;
    • - Walls of great sound insulation, heat preservation and insulation, strong waterproof and impermeability, and high fire-retardant grade;
    • - Components of accurate size, high standardization and high prefabricated rate.






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