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Dreamlike garden apartment in top location

Dreamlike garden apartment in top location



  • Description
  • The garden apartment self-developed by BuildTech Corporation is a mid-to-high end product in the Steel structure mosaic green energy-saving building system, or BuildTech System (BTS).


    BTS system is a prefabricated building technology system formed by three-layer mosaic combined walls. It is mainly applicable to civil buildings such as villas or townhouses.



    The features of BTS

     1. Main structure: adopts steel structure; the unique sleeve assembly joint and full bolt connection increase the bearing capacity.

     2. Maintenance system: outer walls mainly made of AAC grade A3.5B05, which are combined with an external thermal insulation decorative panel and an internal decorative panel.

     3. Foundations: spiral pile foundation; prefabricated independent foundation; quick installation; no wet operation.



    Model renderings




    This garden apartment extends over two floors and impresses with its spacious living-dining-area with an open-plan kitchen and a direct access to the terrace and the garden. Besides the master area with bedroom, closet area and a large bathroom with sauna (optional), there are two bedrooms with bathroom, an anteroom, two storage rooms and a guest toilet. The garden and the terraces are accessible from every main room and is not overlooked by the neighbours.



    Functional zones and living space:





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